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WAMAS® Warehouse Management System: Efficient, Flexible, Reliable Logistics Software for Manual and Automated Operations

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Core Functionality

The WAMAS® Software Suite provides customers with a seamless integration for their fulfillment strategy, from manual to fully automated.

The vertically integrated Warehouse Management, Execution and Controls System provides the capability for customers to run their facilities at the mechanical level while still maintaining enterprise level visibility, all from the same platform.

Receiving. WAMAS® signifies speed and quality right from the goods-in stage, irrespective of whether the process is manual or automated. This is the point at which the foundations for efficient and high-quality handling of goods are laid.

Transport. WAMAS® controls and optimizes the entire internal goods flow. In automated warehouse systems, WAMAS® assumes all responsibilities, including PLC control.

Warehouse Processes. WAMAS® assumes the control of all operational processes and guides employees through the processes in an easy to understand manner and in real time, leaving them time to focus on other added value activities.

Storage. WAMAS® ensures optimum utilization of storage capacities, taking into account the varied influence factors in the warehouse.

Order Fulfillment. WAMAS® provides the highest throughput combined with the best possible utilization of storage capacities. This ensures that goods are supplied on time.

Control Center. WAMAS® coordinates complex warehouse processes and combines all the important information in the control center.

Traditional Wave Picking

SCHAEFER Waveless Picking

Waveless Order Fulfillment

Eliminate the Diminished Productivity Curve of Waves

The flexibility allowed by waveless order fulfillment creates higher throughput and accommodates high priority orders.

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In a world where there is an ever growing demand for the right products to be delivered in record times, it is now more important than ever to choose the best WMS to drive your inventory control and order fulfillment.

To be the winner in the game of distribution, you can't afford having an inferior software system designing the plays. Choosing the appropriate WMS is critical and will enable your organization to adapt the inventory to an ever changing demand, optimize the order processing, and execute fulfillment the most efficient way each and every time. Ultimately, providing the highest profitability and return on your investment.

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Scalable Solution

Software that evolves with your warehouse.

Whether your operation is completely manual, fully automated or somewhere inbetween, WAMAS® is designed to you grow with your business.

Configurable without Customization

Out of the Box Functionality Puts You in Control

WAMAS® Logistics Software can be implemented with little or no custom development. We'll help you make it work for your operation and get you up and running quickly and efficiently.


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